Home visits

We carry out home visits for all our new starters. This provides an opportunity for the children to meet with their key person prior to starting pre-school, the purpose of the visit is to help everyone to get to know each other in an environment where the child feel’s most relaxed, comfortable and happy.

During the visit we will talk to you and your child to gain knowledge of their likes and dislikes and development level.

Focus children

Every week a child from each key group will be a “Focus child”.

What this mean for you.
We will send a focus form and your child’s shoe box home on Wednesday every week for you to return this back to us by the following Monday. The shoe box is for you and your child to put a “story” inside. The story can be anything starting from someone special visiting, going to the park, favorite toy, book, baking at home picture or anything else which you think it could help your child. We will use your story box to encourage your child to talk to us and build their confidence, develop their language skills, build on your child’s vocabulary. This will also help us understand your child’s interests, likes and dislikes.